Fabrics & Materials

All our bags are built to last, and that starts with using the best materials for the job.

Material durability is vital to keeping our gear going year after year. In each material choice we balance strength, abrasion resistance, waterproofing and weight. 90% of our materials are either made in Europe or the USA, and we are working on having 100% recycled yarn European made fabrics.


USA Made 3 Layer Non-Woven Waterproof Fabric

Dyeema Grid provides unmatched strength & a modern, technical look

VX-21 (205gsm) is stronger & lighter than Cordura but noticeably less abrasion resistant

VX-25 (210gsm) designed to be more colourfast than VX-25 to prevent Fluro colours fading

X-50 (315gsm) features a 500D Cordura face fabric for significantly increased abrasion resistance

X-10 (356gsm) has a cotton face fabric, giving it a beautiful, timeless look

Recycled Fabric

Recycled Polyester Pack Fabric Made in Germany

Constructed of yarn made from European post-consumer plastic waste

1000D (339gsm) is similar to Cordura in appearance, strength and abrasion resistance

Liner Fabric

Lightweight Polyester Canvas Made in Germany

Waterproof acrylic coating on reverse with DWR treatment to front

200D Black (150gsm) is made of recycled post-consumer plastic waste

200D Yellow (200gsm) helps maximize the visibility of bag contents


All Our Hardware is Selected for its Quality & Durability

Buckles from ITW, made in Spain

Buckles from Woojin, made in Korea

Magnetic Buckles from Fidlock, made in China

Zips (water-resistant or recycled) from YKK made in Japan/Turkey/China

Aluminium, Foam and Plastic made to our specification in the UK