Sim Works Obento Rack


A super adjustable, super cute mini platform rack.

Wowie, what a cutie! The Obento rack is one of the best looking and most adaptable front mini racks in the whole wide world. The square platform is a little bigger than your standard mini rack, great for a Power Rangers lunchbox or as a fantastic platform for a Wald 137 or 139 basket. 

There are four long connection rods with P-clamps in order to work with any front fork, (even those without eyelets). We absolutely love this rack; it’s the ultimate basketpacking party rack.

Made in Japan by Nitto.

Platform Size 20cm x 20cm
Max Load 5kg
Weight 635g
Attachment Connection Rod 420mm x 2 Connection Rod 350mm x 2 P-Clip 22mm x 2


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