Alakazam Basket Bag

Our Alakazam Basket Bag is a definitive throw and go bag, the car boot of the bike world.

Alakazam Basket Bag


(10 customer reviews)

Our Alakazam Basket Bag is a definitive throw and go bag, the car boot of the bike world.

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I think we can all agree that baskets are rad, but why not take your basket to the next level with a Wizard Works Alakazam Basket Bag? With it’s expanding capacity and super quick attachment to the bike, Alakazam is the best companion for around town errands. Out in the wild, you have an amazingly secure and easy to access bag that puts other bikepacking bags to shame. If you’re a throw and go kinda person, perhaps basketpacking is for you?

Available in three sizes to fit three of our favourite baskets: the Wald 137, the Manivelle Basket or the massive Wald 139. The rolltop design means the Alakazam can hold huge loads, but we know that sometimes you want to carry something a little bit bigger, like a pizza… of four of them! The included ‘Pizza Straps’ make attaching even the biggest load a breeze. Foam padding on the lower section of the bag provides a little bit of cushion to protect your things. A one-piece floating liner means the Alakazam is the most weatherproof bag we make.

Got a Pelago Rasket? We’ve got a bag for that too!

Wald 137 Manivelle Wald 139
Volume 9-38L (when fully unrolled) 11-49L (when fully unrolled) 20-70L (when fully unrolled)
Size 36w x 23d x 13-48h cm 39w x 27d x 11-47h cm 45w x 31d x 16-54h cm
Weight 565g 655g 800g
  • This bag attaches to a basket with two sewn in G-buckle straps.
  • Includes two Pizza straps for securing extra large loads.
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap

Only compatible with either a Manivelle Basket, Wald 137(2) and 139(2) Baskets! Which we sell!


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"...I think it’s a well executed bag that is equally suited for rides to the grocery store as it is for longer bikepacking trips on gravel roads and doubletrack."


(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Alakazam Basket Bag

  1. Aleks Jurczyk (verified owner)

    Nicest bike bag I have ever bought in terms of aesthetics, build, everything.

  2. Guillaume Sicard (verified owner)

    I use it for commuting, touring, backpacking and even when on vacation for a few days without my bike ! Water resistance is pretty good and it’s really handy to use. It matches my other wizard bags really well. Relly I’m in love with it !

  3. Tim (verified owner)

    Superb bag! Love the quality of workmanship and materials (I’ve got a camo / coyote combo), but also that it’s so cavernous due to the roll-top. Def recommend, and will be saving up for a matching Shazam.

  4. Lewis (verified owner)

    Looks great and it’s beautifully put together. Baskets are the way forward and having a good bag keeps everything dry and clean and prevents stuff from rattling around and getting damaged.

    My Alakazam got a proper soak test on the first ride when I got caught in the worst rain (and snow). Everything in the main compartment stayed nice and dry. It’s so great having a bag big enough to carry everything I could possibly need on a Winter lockdown ride in Scotland: tools, spares, snacks, a flask of coffee and a cosy jacket. I can’t wait to take it touring and really put it to the test.

    I chose this bag over others because it has so many clever features, like the rear pockets that you can just shove things into without opening the bag, the secret straps for holding big items down, and the carry strap (bought too much at Tesco? sling the Alakazam over your shoulder and put the extras in the basket). I’m a total believer. Get one.

  5. Sam Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve carried four pizzas thanks to the genius design of the magic straps, and reckon I could make it up to six – just need an opportunity to see pals once again to try that!

    It’s also carried a spur of the minute shower fitting purchase too once upon a time, something none of my normal bike luggage would have managed without it tumbling out or requiring bungees / other straps…

    Really enjoyed the versatility of it beyond the merely domestic duties as well – just having that extra bit of space on the trail and tour is a god send, especially when that end of day raid of the supermarket sees you exiting with arms filled to bursting with treats for the campside cook.

    Only thing I would say if using drops is that it’s worth making sure the distance between them is a bit wider than the width of the bag. Rattling down a boulder field with an overpacked Alakazam did make braking a bit of a painful experience – that’s an issue with my set up though rather than the bag, as that as you would expect, performed flawlessly.

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