Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag

The cutest minimal saddle bag to hold your essentials and a teeny bit more.

Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag


(15 customer reviews)

The cutest minimal saddle bag to hold your essentials and a teeny bit more.

Want more customization?

Teeny Houdini is an easy to install, minimal saddlebag designed to hold a tube, tyre lever, multi tool, CO2 and even a couple of nice rocks you might pick up along the way. Why not free up space in your bar bag (for more snacks) by keeping your boring things in the rear, or set and forget so you’re never caught unprepared for a puncture (or snack) emergency again!

Available in two sizes; small, designed to fit a road tube, and medium, for a gravel/road plus/mtb tube. The Flap style opening allows the bag to adjust in size, just in case you find that must keep rock. Fastened with a Fidlock magnetic buckle (and a satisfying click!) the Teeny Houdini makes it easy to access your teeny things while it’s still on the bike.

Made in-house, London, UK

Small Medium
Volume 0.3-0.4L 0.4-0.5L
Size  14 x 7 x 6cm 14 x 9 x 7cm
Weight 65g 75g
Attachment 2x Voile Nano Strap "

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"It feels super secure once it (satisfyingly) clicks into place, the hardware looks and feels burly, and tightening up the strap to pull the bag against your saddle is a breeze."


(15 customer reviews)

15 reviews for Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag

  1. Will (verified owner)

    I thought it would be hard to get excited about a saddle bag. And until now it has been. They sometimes get a bad rap, considered uncool or aesthetically damaging to the bike. Not this one. It’s simple, really, really well made and requires no thought – just stick it on the bike and forget about it until someone says “cool bag, where did you get it?”. Size wise it’s perfect for a tube, tyre lever and tool. Customer service is personal and really great. You are dealing with real people who care and you can tell that in everything they do. Will be adding to my collection very soon!

  2. Louis VK (verified owner)

    This thing is excellent: storing my toolkit, levers and spare tube comfortably and securely. It’s a great fit and forget design but easy enough to remove when bike cleaning when it inevitably gets a little mucky from the road/ trail spray.

    Feels like it will live a thousand years and leaves more space in my pockets for snacks over long-distance rides.

  3. Edina (verified owner)

    My mum and I both love cycling and while covid has kept us apart, we’d tell each other stories of our rides.
    I got her this little bag for Christmas and she was very happy with it. It’s super practical, well made and quite pretty too, which isn’t always a quality of bike bags. I got her the splatter colourway.

    I would love a small bag of my own, just hoping for a top tube one. ????????

  4. Joe (verified owner)

    Got this as a Christmas present and it’s ace! I always take my tools with me and the odd time I choose not to I always end up needing them, now they’re always on my bike on every ride under my saddle and have saved me a few times since Christmas. I got the larger size in rust, fits a multi tool, 15mm, puncture kit and tyre levers with room to spare. Would be plenty of space to chuck a tube in too! Yellow lining is great so you can see everything, it’s been severely splattered with mud and water and nothings got wet yet. Love the magnetic buckle too, definitely recommend!

  5. Georgia (verified owner)

    Simple, lightweight and aesthetic.

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