Custom Shazam Saddle Bag

All the same Shazam goodness, but you choose the colours!

Custom Shazam Saddle Bag


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All the same Shazam goodness, but you choose the colours!

Main Flap Colour

Pocket Bodies Colour

Pocket Flaps Colour

Main Body Colour

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Don't want a custom bag?

For the adventurous among you that need to carry more stuff, the Shazam! saddle bag is here for all your advanced stuff carrying needs. Got a bikepacking trip this weekend? Maybe you just need to carry lots of stuff with you on the daily commute and you’re sick of tying your jumper around your waist? With a sizable carrying capacity, able to be used on the bars or saddle, and the added bonus of looking cute on and off the bike, Shazza will most certainly snazza up any ride.

Available in two sizes, the Mini size is a perfect bar bag for long day rides, or a great saddle bag for smaller riders. The Regular size is the go-to for bigger folks and bigger trips. Constructed with a plastic sheet and reinforced at the attachment bar with an aluminium length, Shazam is the most stable saddlebag out there. The expanding rolltop and long flap provides adjustable and flexible carrying capacity (we see you emergency grocery trip!).

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Mini Regular
Volume 8.3L-16.6L (when fully unrolled) + 2x 0.4L Side Pockets 10.8L-22.5L (when fully unrolled) + 2x 0.5L Side Pockets
Size 29cm wide x 15cm deep x 19-38cm tall. Aprox 37cm wide when side pockets are full 31cm wide x 17cm deep x 23-46cm tall. Aprox 41cm wide when side pockets are full
Weight 725g 850g
Attachment 2x Voile Nano Strap, 1x Velcro One-Wrap Straps, 1x Camlock Strap "

Note: To mount to the saddle you need a saddle with loops, like Brooks, or an aftermarket adapter (such as Hobopieces or Carradice QR).

We recommend a minimum 21cm (Mini) or 25cm (Regular) of Tyre clearance when not using a rack or support.


"I appreciate this bag for its carrying capacity, combined with its sturdiness. It is a bonus that it looks so rad..."


(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Custom Shazam Saddle Bag

  1. Hagrids beard (verified owner)

    Lovely bike bags!!

  2. DAVID MATTI (verified owner)

    Nice bags are for life!

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