Bespoke Frame Bags

Frames come in thousands and thousands of shapes, and whilst our Framebagracadabra makes for a great fit on many of them, we realise that at the end of the day nothing beats a fully customised frame bag that’s made to fit you frame. Just like a bespoke suit a Wizard Works Bespoke frame bag will fit perfectly, allowing you to use every centimetre of space inside your frame triangle for snacks (and other stuff).

The catch is just like a bespoke suit, bespoke frame bags are really labour intensive for us to make. If you are seeing this page, it is because we are currently unable to take on new Bespoke Frame Bag orders.

We are next expecting to open bespoke frame bag orders in: Autumn 2023

To get exclusive early access when we start taking orders again sign up to this extra special mailing list. Please note you will be enrolled for our regular mailing list as well.

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