Our Story Timeline

How did we start making bags? Well, it’s a story about adventures. And bikes, of course.


First Contact

We meet in London, not long after V’s visa expires with plans to move to Melbourne. Harry convinces her that he should come too. The adventure begins.


Our First Overnighter

Harry likes bikes and V likes camping; it isn’t long before we combine the two. Our first trip is an overnighter to the Mornington Peninsula.


Our First Proper Bike Trip

In May we fly to Tokyo, get the bullet train to Kyoto, and spend 6 days cycling back to Tokyo.


Trip Planning

Back in Melbourne bike trips dominate our conversations and we started planning ‘the big one’. For a long time the destination was South America, but we reeeeally want to go back to Japan, so… we do!


Back to Japan

Almost 2 years since the last time we were in Japan, we leave Melbourne again but this time we’ve sold all our stuff, quit our jobs and have no idea if we will ever come back!


The Big Trip

We cycle 12,000km through Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It was the best year of our lives (so far). We kept a blog, you can check it out HERE.


Vancouver, Eh!

We didn’t want the adventure to end so we apply for Canadian working visas and fly to Vancouver. After one year living in our tent, hot water, full size bath towels and sofas never felt so luxurious! Vancouver has lots of bike friends, meeting Friday mornings under a pagoda in North Van for #coffeeoutside.


The Bags Begin

Harry buys his first sewing machine. Early prototypes of the Shazam, Voila and Alakazam are made, for us and then friends and then friends of friends.


West Coast by Bike

In the Summer we pack up the bikes again for another bike trip. This time the destination is LA, and our bikes are fully kitted out in bags by Harry. The Alakazam hasn’t changed much since these versions!


Kia Ora New Zealand!

From LA, we head to NZ and set up in Gisborne (Gizzy). The garage is quickly turned into a sewing studio pumping out bags. While we’re in NZ we make sure we ride The Old Ghost Road, it remains the best trail we’ve ridden to date!



Back to London

We wave farewell to Gizzy and head to Tasmania. Then it’s off to Casablanca, Morocco from where we cycle to Spain and then onto Portugal and then back to London.


Our First Studio

By the time the pandemic hits we’re properly settled into our new life in London and we’re ready to move into our first studio in Peckham. We hire our first team member, Tasha, In August.


And Beyond...

We’re in our second space (still Peckham) and now a team of four humans and one robot!

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