RÆBURN Collaboration

What started as a peeler suit became a collection of highly limited Wizard Works x RÆBURN bags; a trio of cycle-ready styles designed for Van Moof, but with all cyclists in mind. Traceable, responsible and incredibly durable.

A peeler suit, a coverall garment used by civil responders and the police, is built from an exceptionally strong three layer fabric. A compact-weave outer layer is backed with a breathable membrane and a blend of kevlar. Such robust construction ensures the garment is waterproof, fire-retardant, tear, cut and abrasion resistant. In short, ready for almost anything.

A single peeler suit generates a total of 17 bags, each meticulously crafted in London by the highly skilled team at Wizard Works. These RÆMADE bags embody the spirit of reinvention, innovation and most certainly collaboration, themes both brands heartily embrace.

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