Pelagazam Rasket Bag

What do you get when you cross a rack and a basket? A Rasket!

Pelagazam Rasket Bag


What do you get when you cross a rack and a basket? A Rasket!

The Pelakazam Rasket Bag fits snuggly into the Pelago Rasket, giving you the stability of a rack and the practicality of a basket in one neat package. It utilizes an easy peasy G-buckle attachment system, meaning you can get it on and off the bike in seconds! Combined with its expandable carrying capacity this makes Pelakazam the best companion for around town errands, as far as rasketpacking is concerned, the Pelakazam is amazingly secure and easy to access – if you’re a throw and go kinda person, then maybe this is the adventure bike bag for you.

The rolltop design means the Pelakazam can hold huge loads, but sometimes you need to carry something just a little bit bigger… like a pizza… Or four of them! The included “Pizza Straps” make attaching even the biggest stuff a breeze. Foam padding on the lower section of the bag provides a little bit of cushion to protect your things. A one-piece floating liner means the Pelakazam is the most weatherproof bag we make.

Made in-house, London, UK.

Volume 18-61L (when fully unrolled)
Size 41w x 31d x 15-50h cm
Weight 750g
Attachment Bag attaches to Rasket with two sewn in G-buckle straps Includes two Pizza straps for securing extra large loads Includes adjustable shoulder strap

Note: Only compatible with Pelago Raskets (which we do not sell).


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