If you don’t know Matty yet, then get ready to fall in love. Matty is an adventurous multidisciplinary creative with a love of bicycles, he hails from Yorkshire but can often be found in strange corners of the world. As handy with a camera as he is with a needle and thread, he aims to create inspirational imagery that documents human interaction with nature and to show that there is always more outside the front door.

The material chosen for this project is a dry wax canvas produced by British Millerain. One of the original wax canvas mills, British Millerain, have been making wax canvas in the UK since 1880. The waxed canvas used is registered with the better cotton initiative and is dyed and finished at their UK facility, under stringent environmental and quality standards. There is zero waste and water use in the wax process and the fabric is free from fluorinated carbons often found in water repellent fabrics.

An exciting fusion of British design, this collection is limited to five Lil Presto! Barrel Bags and five Voila! Snack Bags. Hand embroidered in York and handcrafted in London from a modern dry waxed canvas, sustainably manufactured in Rochdale. Aptly titled Follow the Yellow Grav Road, the custom design continues over both bags making them the perfect pair or just as magical on their own.