This winter it’s never been sexier to be seen on the roads! Wiz Viz is our winter only collection, designed with safety in mind.

We know a lot of people will be hanging up their cycling shoes for the Winter, but we don’t want Summer to have all the biking fun! So, we decided to do something special for the folks that are out there all year round. We have always been committed to making cute and sexy bags, and for Winter we wanted to turn our attention to the often overlooked but very important Hi Viz world of safety. The weather may be worse, but Wiz Viz will have you looking smart and sexy whatever the light levels.

Made with a combination of ultra-reflective fabric and extremely visible blaze orange X-Pack, this first Wiz Viz collection plays with the two different fabrics’ materiality. The Orange VX-25 is extremely stiff and crisp which contrasts beautifully with the soft and smooth reflective, whose gentle ripples catch the light.

Reflect light at night and stay visible when it's miserable. Protec’ your neck with a lil’ reflec’.

The Wiz Viz collection is available in our day ride essentials. The Lil Presto barrel bag and Teeny Houdini saddle bag give you 360 visibility and help you carry those few extra snacks you need on a cold day’s ride. Wiz Viz is available until daylight savings returns in March 2021, at which point it will disappear for the summer months, returning the following autumn with a brand-new style!
Reflect light at night and stay visible when it’s miserable. Protec’ your neck with a lil’ reflec’.

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