Framebagracadabra Fit Guide

We know how important a good fit is, so we made this handy guide so you can choose the best size bag for your bike.

What size Framebagracadabra should I get?

The Framebagracadabra shape has been designed around bikes that have a horizontal(ish) top tube, but the sizes fit well on other shaped bikes too. There are even some bikes that will work with more than one size, in which case you can choose between having more clearance for bottle cages or go for the larger size for more space in the bag.

Still confused? We’ve made a printable template so you can test the fit from home!

The bags come with 3 adjustable straps (4 for the large) that are a little longer than you will need, so you can cut them down to the perfect length. There are two positions for the down tube strap, to avoid sticky out things, like cable bosses. You can also choose to run one or two straps here, depending on preference.

The recycled HDPE plastic bottom helps the bag keep its cute dogfish shape whether empty or full. It also eliminates the need for a rear strap in most cases, however some setups might benefit from having one.

Frame Bag Size Chart

More sizes?

Right now, the Framebagracadabra is available in 3 sizes, but we are aware that this is going to leave some folk out! We’re almost certain we will want to add a larger size pretty quickly, so feel free to get in contact if you can’t find the right fit with the current selection, it will help us when we come to deciding the dimensions of our future size(s)!

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