We teamed up with Bikepacking.com to help launch our first Wiz Viz Collection. It’s all about being safe and sexy.

The Collection is made up of a Lil Presto Barrel Bag and Teeny Houdini saddle bag, available in Reflective and Hi-Vis Orange. Lucas sums it up well:

“What I’m really enjoying about the reflective version is that it almost disappears under my saddle during the day, owing to its slender shape and neutral color. At night, though, it has a deceptively large footprint. It packs a serious punch, gathering an impressive amount of light and offering 360-degree visibility.”

“…since I rarely ride my bike without some kind of bags attached these days, it seems fitting to have a bag that does double duty—helping keep me safe and seen while also hauling the essentials.”

The design of the Teeny Houdini garners some praise too:

“Turns out there’s a bit of magic to it, after all. It’s possible to open and close it without removing it from your bike (that said, it’ll naturally want to pop off as soon as you undo the magnetic buckle), and a bright yellow inner liner means you can easily see your patch kit and other little items once you’ve opened it up.”

Check out the full article for a lovely collection of photos and some well-reasoned words.

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