Austere Pin Ladder Lock Buckles

Easily the nice ladderlocks

Austere Pin Ladder Lock Buckles


Easily the nice ladderlocks

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The Pin Ladder Lock weighs in at 5.8 grams. This CNC machined aluminum buckle is lighter than many plastic buckles but is seriously durable. Unlike plastic, it doesn’t get brittle in the cold, and we think it’s easier on the eyes as well.

Available in two sizes to suit either 3/4″ (19mm) or 1″ (25mm) webbing.

One notable feature of this buckle is that you can retrofit it to an existing bag without doing any sewing. The buckles are supplied with the pins separate, using a bench-vise or the Knipex Plier Wrench (one of our favorite tools) you can press the pins into place through webbing loops on an existing bag.

Watch the Installation Video HERE

Made in USA

*Austere Manufacturing buckles are tough, but they’re not meant for anything safety-critical. DO NOT use these buckles or straps or any other Austere Manufacturing product in any application where a failure, or malfunction could cause damage, injury, or death. This product is NOT certified.

Buckle Specs:

  • Designed for 3/4″ webbing
  • 1″ Wide x 1″ Long
  • 5.78 grams
  • Machined from billet aluminum

Tools Needed for Install:

Watch the Installation Video HERE

"Despite riding some rough and tumble trails, I’ve no slippage to report at all, plus the whole system is incredibly light" - Cass


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