Manivelle Basket

Our pick for the Best Bike Basket

Manivelle Basket


Our pick for the Best Bike Basket

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The Manivelle basket is a premium basket for your bike. It’s big, low, and sexy, perfect for hauling all manner of things. A super practical size that exists in the gap between the classic Wald 137 and Wald 139, the Manivelle Basket is the versatile carrier you’ve been waiting for.

Available in powder-coated black or silver. The hardware-free version can be zip tied or Voile strapped onto your favourite front rack.

The included hardware option secures to your forkcrown replacing the need for a rack. The stout and adjustable legs provide excellent stability and are compatible with wheels sizes from 26’’ to 29’’, they also keep the basket low to your wheel for maximum style points. The clever design of the lower struts allows the basket to be mounted directly to 10mm solid axles (see you fixed!) or to rack mounts.

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Internal Size W39cm x L27cm x H11cm
Tapers to 37.5 x 25cm at base
Weight 955g without Hardware, 1300g with Hardware
Attachment Hardware version attaches to fork crown hole and lower fork bosses with supplied screws. Requires drilled fork.


Basket without hardware must be strapped, cable-tied or otherwise secured to a rack platform.


See the Manivelle Basket installation Guide HERE


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