Tumbleweed Big Dipper Drop Bar

The ultimate wide drop handlebar.

Tumbleweed Big Dipper Drop Bar


The ultimate wide drop handlebar.

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The Big Dipper, is Tumbleweed’s new drop bar developed specifically for their Stargazer, but at equally home on so many bikesbackers bikes.

The Big Dipper is wider than average, ergonomic in all of the hand positions of the bar, and rated for off-road use (ISO 4210 mountain bike strength/fatigue testing). It has a gentle backsweep for ergonomic riding on the tops of the bar and a short reach to minimally impact your stem length for a bar this wide. The Big Dipper is produced with triple butted and heat treated 7000 series aluminum, making it strong and light for its width.We’ve ridden countless drop bars off road on many different bikes, all informing our design.

Material: Triple butted, heat treated 7000 series aluminum alloy, ISO 4210 tested for mountain bike use

Widths: 51cm, 54cm, 57cm C-C at the hoods

Made in Taiwan

Width 510, 540mm and 570mm C-C at the hoods
Clamp 31.8mm
Backsweep 5 degrees
Flare 20 degrees
Drop 109mm
Reach 50mm (overall reach from center of clamping area to center of tube at front of forward sweep)
Weight 385 grams (Average)



What size rack should I order?
Measure from your lower rack mount straight up to the top of your tire. You want 1-2″ of clearance above your tire.

Can I run panniers on the T Rack?

Certain lightweight panniers can work, we’ve used the Porcelain Rocket/Rockgeist panniers on the T rack and they work since the panniers strap on to the rack and have a rigid back panel.

Can I mount the T rack on the front or back of my bike?

The T rack was designed for front or rear mounting as long as you have a pair of upper and lower threaded bosses and your frame/fork was designed to accept a standard rack.

I only have one hole in the center of my fork crown, how can I mount a T rack on my fork?

If you have lower threaded eyelets but only a center fork hole at the crown, ask your local bike shop to see if they have appropriate rack hardware for center mounting, or check out this adaptor.

Can I put this on my fat bike?

The T Rack is compatitibe with fatbike forks but is not compatible with the rear mounts, due to the width of lower rack mounts.


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