Tumbleweed Mini Pannier Rack

The ultimate minimalist bikepacking pannier rack

Tumbleweed Mini Pannier Rack


The ultimate minimalist bikepacking pannier rack

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The Mini Pannier Rack is strong and lightweight (around 560 grams without hardware) designed to have the same bag support functionality and triple bottle mounts as the T Rack but with an extra set of side legs to provide stability for small panniers.

This Chromoly rack will work with a variety of modern panniers with adjustable hardware, as well as traditional style panniers with an elastic lower hook attachment. The Mini Pannier Rack comes in 355mm and 385mm platform heights (centre of lower eyelet to centre of platform) tall with a 120mm wide by 300mm long platform and allows for extremely generous tire clearance.

It will fit a wide variety of bikes with traditional upper and lower rack mounts and comes with two sets of upper mounting struts, 100mm and 300mm which can be cut down to length for a clean fit on your bike. Multiple light mounts will accommodate a variety of lights. At this time there is no provision for mounting this rack on bikes without dropout rack eyelets or without upper rack eyelets.

Made in Taiwan

Platform Size 30cm x 12cm
Weight 500g
Attachment Either 2x 300mm or 2x 100mm Mounting Struts




What size rack should I order?
Measure from your lower rack mount straight up to the top of your tire. You want 1-2″ of clearance above your tire.
Can I mount the Mini Pannier rack on the front or back of my bike?
The Mini Pannier rack was designed for front or rear mounting as long as you have a pair of upper and lower threaded bosses and your frame/fork was designed to accept a standard rack.
I only have one hole in the center of my fork crown, how can I mount a Mini Pannier rack on my fork?
If you have lower threaded eyelets but only a center fork hole at the crown, ask your local bike shop to see if they have appropriate rack hardware for center mounting, or check out this adaptor.



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