Tumbleweed T-Rack

The ultimate minimalist bikepacking rack

Tumbleweed T-Rack


The ultimate minimalist bikepacking rack

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The T Rack has been completely updated for 2024. Its is a light weight, minimalist bag support rack with a generously sized top platform and triple bottle bosses on the sides of the rack legs to allow for carrying small dry bags or water bottles via cargo cages or bottle holders. This rack has been extremely popular with bicycle travelers for several years, and we’ve just updated several aspects of the design.

The T Rack is available in two platform heights of 355mm and 380mm to accommodate a range of frames and forks.

Changes for the new racks include:

-Completely redesigned mounting hardware to reduce the likelihood of loosening over time (You will need to still check hardware tightness regularly as with any rack)

-Two sets of extra long 350mm mounting struts, one straight and one offset to more easily fit a wider range of bikes

-Internal dynamo wiring port on the platform for a headlight or tail light

-Increased 12mm tube diameter of vertical leg with thinner walls to increase stiffness and reduce weight (load rating over the center of the platform remains 30lbs)

The T rack weights 470 grams without hardware, 649 grams including all mounting hardware, bolts and uncut 350mm struts.

You’ll need proper threaded load bearing mounting points at the dropouts and seat stays or fork crown in order to properly mount the T rack on your bike. If you don’t have upper rack bosses, there are seat clamps with integrated rack mounts available. If your steel fork doesn’t have upper bosses, we sell a rack adaptor that attaches to the center hole of your fork crown (depending on the style of your fork).

Made in Taiwan

Platform Size 31cm x 12cm
Weight 470g
Attachment Either 2x 300mm or 2x 100mm Mounting Struts



What size rack should I order?
Measure from your lower rack mount straight up to the top of your tire and then add 25-50mm (for clearence) and compare this to the lengths of the racks

Can I run panniers on the T Rack?

Certain lightweight panniers can work, we’ve used the Porcelain Rocket/Rockgeist panniers on the T rack and they work since the panniers strap on to the rack and have a rigid back panel.

Can I mount the T rack on the front or back of my bike?

The T rack was designed for front or rear mounting as long as you have a pair of upper and lower threaded bosses and your frame/fork was designed to accept a standard rack.

I only have one hole in the center of my fork crown, how can I mount a T rack on my fork?

If you have lower threaded eyelets but only a center fork hole at the crown, ask your local bike shop to see if they have appropriate rack hardware for center mounting, or check out this adaptor.

Can I put this on my fat bike?

The T Rack is compatitibe with fatbike forks but is not compatible with the rear mounts, due to the width of lower rack mounts.


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