Wald 137 Basket


(5 customer reviews)

A simple do it all basket that makes carrying things a breeze.

Take your basket to the next level!

Ah! The Wald Front Basket, the bike equivalent to a car’s boot; you name it and a basket can (probably) support it. Not to mention they are sweet as heck; stuff hauling never looked so cute! Available in powder-coated black or zinc-coated silver. Optionally supplied with handlebar mounts and support legs for easy and affordable install. Alternatively, go for the hardware free version and zip tie or Voile strap to a front rack for maximum style points.

The Wald 1372 is great for two six packs (we’re talking cans, not abs), a bag of shopping or a medium sized cat. This guy is proper versatile.

Need to keep your stuff protected? Our Alakazam Basket Bag is designed to fit perfectly.

Made in Mayville, KT, USA

Size W37.5cm x L25cm x H12cm Tapers to 32.5 x 20cm at base
Weight 1kg with all hardware
Attachment Attaches to handlebars 22.2-25.4 in diamater Extendable legs from 35-55cm


(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Wald 137 Basket

  1. Denis Bielig (verified owner)

    Basket comes without mounting points which is what I was looking for to put on a front rack.

  2. Jamie (verified owner)

    cheapest wald basket this side of the altantic, sturdy and simple. what more could you ask for?

  3. Hagrids beard (verified owner)

    Not ridden with a basket before but worked a treat while gravel/adventure/exploring tracks & trails in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Strapped to my front rack with Voile straps & got a proper ride out… rocks, grit, dust, river crossing, rain & sun… worked a treat

  4. Simon B. (verified owner)

    I like and would recommend the without hardware option!

  5. David P (verified owner)

    five stars, boi.

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