Wald 139 Basket

A really big basket that makes carrying things a breeze.

Wald 139 Basket


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A really big basket that makes carrying things a breeze.

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Ah! The Wald Front Basket, the bike equivalent to a car’s boot; you name it, and a basket can (probably) support it. Not to mention they are sweet as heck; stuff hauling has never looked so cute! Available in powder-coated black or zinc-coated silver. Optionally supplied with handlebar mounts and support legs for easy and affordable install. Alternatively, go for the hardware free version and zip tie or Voile strap to a front rack for maximum style points.

The Wald 1392 is seriously huge. You can fit a slab of beer (almost perfectly), all your university textbooks and still have room for a sandwich! It’s BIG big, get it if you need to carry the biggest stuff.

Need to keep your stuff protected? Our

Size W45cm x L32.5cm x H15cm Tapers to 40 x 26.5cm at base
Weight 1.8kg with all hardware
Attachment Attaches to handlebars 22.2-25.4 in diamater
Extendable legs from 35-55cm


(3 customer reviews)
  1. E. W (verified owner)

    Well made, easy to fit.

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