Widefoot StoutCage

The best large bottle cage around.

Widefoot StoutCage


The best large bottle cage around.

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The Widefoot StoutCage™ is made using the same processes and materials as the popular LiterCage, as a result, the StoutCage is incredibly robust, appealing to cyclists who prioritize durability over weight savings.

The unique 7-slot mounting bracket offers an impressive vertical adjustment of up to 71mm [2.8in], providing versatile positioning on frames and forks. Full stainless steel construction provides durability, corrosion-resistance, and a secure hold.

Choose from two finishes: Stainless or Black. Please note, as with any type of coating, our Black option will show some wear over time in locations where bottles contact the cage.

Made in Colorado, USA

Weight 98g
  1. Install by bolting onto sets of two or three mounting bosses to carry bottles that
  2. Use hose clamps and other non-bolt methods at your own risk.
  3. Taller or heavier bottles, rougher terrain, or non-upright installation may warrant the use of a strap.


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