Voila Stem Bag

The definitive cockpit essential, designed for snacks but useful for just about anything!

Voila Stem Bag


(12 customer reviews)

The definitive cockpit essential, designed for snacks but useful for just about anything!

Want more customization?

Do you long to carry your snacks within easy reach? Want your drink bottle to ride upfront for on-the-go hydration? Need to transport your keys, lip balm and phone but lack the necessary pockets? A Voila Stem Bag might just be the bag for you. Great on its own or part of a more adventurous bikepacking set up.

An easy one-handed opening/closing system means you can access your snacks while you’re on the go! Built with high density foam padding that protects your valuables and offers insulations for your hot/cold beverages. Constructed with a floating liner to facilitate easy crumb removal. The removable lower strap and included cordlock facilitate a huge range of mounting options no matter your bar or stem. Mini Velo and Brompton compatible.

Made in-house, London, UK.

Regular Large
Volume 0.9L 1.65L
Size 15cm Tall x 8cm Diameter 17cm Tall x 9.5cm Diameter
Weight 90g 100g
Attachment 2x Velcro One-Wrap Straps 1x Cordlock Strap 1x Removable Lower Strap "

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"A stem bag is a stem bag is a stem bag, right? Not if it’s made from an upcycled Thomson stem bag!"


(12 customer reviews)

12 reviews for Voila Stem Bag

  1. Guillaume Sicard (verified owner)

    Very well made and quite large. You can really stuff and lot of food and snacks and whatnot. really easy to use and match my other wizard bags perfectly. LOVE IT !

  2. adam b (verified owner)

    Super durable, easy to attach, stays put, and great function. I bought one of these a few years ago and threw it on my wife’s bike as a quick test. It’s still there and no way is it moving to a different bike (unless she gets a new one).

  3. jonny onetime (verified owner)

    the perfect stem bag in my opinion, i own two of the large Voila’s and they come with me on any tour. these bags have held various items over the last couple of years including liter bottles of water, extra layers of clothing, fresh foraged mushrooms, the list goes on. everyday items like wallet, keys, and phone fit easily into one and are close at hand. often i use one for my power bank and point and shoot camera. solid construction and quality materials have held up beautifully over thousands of miles of use. i recommend the Voila to anyone looking for a bag that is easy to access while riding.

  4. Tom Skinner (verified owner)

    Having tried many many stem bags, I can say that the Voila! is by far the best one for me! The one-handed open/close-ability has been perfectly designed and tweaked over a couple iterations (I seem to have picked up a few generations of Voilas over the years) and the current form is fantastic. Functional, durable, and damn it looks fine!

  5. Jacob Ryde (verified owner)

    The Voila! Snack Bags really are a perfect product for bike touring.

    I have two of the large snack bags on my stem currently and can’t see myself removing them. Regarding their utility, they serve a range of purposes from holding snacks to portable chargers, or being a quick spot to store a rain jacket during days when the rain is constantly coming and going. They’re large enough for all these things, and even when filled up snack bars can be for around the edges allowing you to really maximise the space!

    They’re super easy to clean too with a little wipe down, perfect for when those snacks get a little messy. The inside is yellow too which provides a good contrast to items stored inside.

    Finally, the materials are very high quality making it worth the price. No problems so far (although as I said it’s only been a little while) whatsoever. And the one-handed opening really does work, better than from what I’ve seen/heard on other products.

    All in all, a really great product! Cheers Wizard Works!

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