Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag

The cutest minimal saddle bag to hold your essentials and a teeny bit more.

Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag


(15 customer reviews)

The cutest minimal saddle bag to hold your essentials and a teeny bit more.

Want more customization?

Teeny Houdini is an easy to install, minimal saddlebag designed to hold a tube, tyre lever, multi tool, CO2 and even a couple of nice rocks you might pick up along the way. Why not free up space in your bar bag (for more snacks) by keeping your boring things in the rear, or set and forget so you’re never caught unprepared for a puncture (or snack) emergency again!

Available in two sizes; small, designed to fit a road tube, and medium, for a gravel/road plus/mtb tube. The Flap style opening allows the bag to adjust in size, just in case you find that must keep rock. Fastened with a Fidlock magnetic buckle (and a satisfying click!) the Teeny Houdini makes it easy to access your teeny things while it’s still on the bike.

Made in-house, London, UK

Small Medium
Volume 0.3-0.4L 0.4-0.5L
Size  14 x 7 x 6cm 14 x 9 x 7cm
Weight 65g 75g
Attachment 2x Voile Nano Strap "

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"It feels super secure once it (satisfyingly) clicks into place, the hardware looks and feels burly, and tightening up the strap to pull the bag against your saddle is a breeze."


(15 customer reviews)

15 reviews for Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag

  1. Ben Champion

    Solid (big)little bag.

    I bought this to match my lil presto and since I couldn’t really fit everything tool-kit related in my current saddle bag. Looks brilliant in the black splatter colour Velcro on the flap is super secure especially when the buckle wraps over it, so no worries about the lack of a zip closure.

    Three annoyances though:

    The strap that goes around your seatpost feels really cheap and flimsy – I plan to replace it with a voile nano or a Restrap hypalon doodad.

    The Fidlock attachments at the end of the straps are quite large. This means I had to remove my saddle – install the bag, re-install the saddle. Granted it’s a weird saddle which I don’t actually use now, but it would be worth considering if you have anything other than a standard saddle/rail/seatclamp situation (for reference I was using the Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow).

    Lastly, the two parts of the Fidlock buckle are very large, so can make threading the straps through the saddle rails difficult, especially if you use an ass-saver mudguard. There’s a small plastic piece (attaches to the metal square part) in the adjustable side that enables the nylon webbing strap to be adjusted in length. This has launched itself off the strap multiple times. It re-installs okay, but it’s a pain!

    Might sound harsh, but this bag costs 4 times what my previous bag did!

  2. Paul Grinyer (verified owner)

    Awesome bit of kit

  3. Melanie Worthington (verified owner)

    Great quality looks great.

  4. Tom Whitehead (verified owner)

    Top quality and design once again!!

  5. Michelle T (verified owner)

    A little pricey for a small bag but that’s to be expected with small businesses that make quality products! Useful, compact, and great for the roads (waterproof!) too. Looking forward to more adventures with it on the road!

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